women empowerment


Women empowerment is the process in which women elaborate and recreate what it is that they can be, do and accomplish in a circumstance that they were previously denied. Female empowerment in Nigeria is in terms of political, social and Economic strength in nation’s development.

In Nigeria a whole lot of women are facing different things and there are not much female empowerment.  Why it is important to have women empowerment

  • Social imbalance: in Nigeria, most women do not have the right to make certain decisions when it comes to child bearing and family decisions. Most men are take over the rights of a woman when it comes to all this.
  • Political and financial constraints: women in Nigeria are nearly nonexistent on the Nigeria political scene. Due to the male dominion of decision making, many women have not had the reason to engage in the politics of the country. Same applies to the financial status between man and a woman man feels that a woman who is making money would over shadow him. Most man don’t want the woman to participate in taking jobs and making money in the county. Within countries like Tunisia and Zimbabwe, women work over time and gain money more than their male counterpart.
  • Education: In Nigeria,in the northern part, women are never allowed to go to school, they are only confined in the kitchen and only taught how to behave when they get married at very young age. Some parents sell their daughters for marriage early and neglects her educations while the boy is the only one who is allowed to go to school and learn different things.

Women empowerment is needed in Nigeria so as to educate women and teach them how to have a voice in the nation to be able to have equal rights. To be able to have responsibility and also take part in decision making in the nation.

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