Special Guest of Honour

Director of Entrepreneurship (Lagos State Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment)

Mrs. T.F Abiose joined the Lagos State Civil Service in 2000 as a Commercial Officer 1 in the Lagos State Ministry of Commerce & Industry. In the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Cooperatives, she held the following position;

(i) Head of Micro, Small, Medium and Enterprises (MSMEs) unit 2012 – August 2015.

(ii) Head Informal Sector unit – 2010-2013.

(iii)Head Investment section unit – 2009 – 2010.

(iv)Presently, she is in Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment – Director, Entrepreneurship Development Department as the head of the Department from August 2015 till Date.

Mrs. T.F Abiose is happily married and blessed with children. Her hobbies include Reading, Collecting Stamps & Coins and Travelling.